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Saint Georges de Didonne

During your stay at Ideal Camping ***, you will discover the charming seaside resort of Saint Georges de Didonne and the whole coast of Beauté. It is located on the right side of the estuary of the Gironde and in the immediate vicinity of the Ocean Atlantic.

Today the town of Saint Georges de Didonne welcomes every year many visitors and holidaymakers. A small port and water activities that you can have in the town.

The city highlights its conch of fine sand, the largest intramural beach of the Charente Maritime, its tourist infrastructure, entertainment (humor and salt water festival, music festival and gastronomy of the world).

Do not miss the visit of the Lighthouse Vallières !

The town also highlighted its natural heritage, benefiting from the presence on its territory of a vast pine forest, the forest of Suzac : one of the three green lungs of the agglomeration Royannaise with the forest of the Coubre and the forest of Combots of Ansoine.

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